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Gnome Puppet Tutorial

Updated: Apr 2

Make a Gnome hand puppet with a moving mouth using this easy-to-follow tutorial by Ballyhoo Creations. Link to sewing pattern or machine embroidery designs are at the bottom of the page.

There are three ways you can make this puppet

  • Use the PDF sewing pattern with your sewing machine

  • Stitch all the parts in the hoop of your embroidery machine (requires 7x11" hoop or larger)

  • Stitch the smaller parts in the hoop of your embroidery machine and sew the larger parts on your sewing machine (requires 5x7" hoop or larger)

All the assembly steps can be done with hand stitching OR with fabric glue.

The video is divided into CHAPTERS or sections as outlined below. You can move the video cursor at the bottom of the video pane to skip around. You can also use the settings to speed up or slow down the video. This video is filmed in high resolution - so be sure the settings are set to 1080p. (click the gear symbol on the bottom right of the video pane)

  1. If you are using a Sewing Machine you can skip the four chapters for Embroidery Machines.

  2. If you're making your puppet in the hoop of your Embroidery Machine you can skip the three chapters for Sewing Machines.

  3. And if you're doing a Combo - watch whichever sections you like! You can stitch the feet and mouth on your 5x7 embroidery machine hoop, but sew the body and hat on the sewing machines. It all comes out the same in the end!!

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 01:55 Embroidery Machine: Gnome Puppet Feet

  • 02:28 Embroidery Machine: Puppet Mouth

  • 03:44 Embroidery machine: Puppet Head/Body

  • 04:18 Embroidery machine: Gnome Hat

  • 05:17 Sewing Machine: Puppet Mouth

  • 06:08 Sewing Machine: Gnome Puppet Feet

  • 08:12 Sewing Machine: Puppet Head/Body & Hat

  • 08:48 Cut and Turn all the Parts

  • 15:20 Assembly: Puppet Mouth

  • 22:51 Assembly: beard, mustache, and nose

  • 31:38 Assembly: Gnome Hat

  • 35:50 Assembly: Gnome Feet

  • 38:24 Gnome Puppet Wrap-Up

Patterns Used in this Project:


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