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Luci is a breath of fresh air in the embroidery world. Her designs are sew creative and very fun. Her step-by-step directions are very easy to follow. Her YouTube videos are very informative and detailed. Purchasing designs through her website is effortless. She is a great resource for new embroiders as well as advanced A definite A+ in the embroidery world.

Susan T.

(Facebook comments)

Every time a new design comes out, I love to start stitching! Ballyhoo projects are so amazing. They are unlike any other designer’s work. Luci is truly concerned about her customers’ success. She not only makes tutorials for each design, but she also has videos to explain how to make her innovative designs.

Shannon B.

(Facebook comments)

So Glad To Have Found Your Channel! I’m a complete beginner (don’t even have my machine yet!) but watching all of your videos and doing all my research. You’re very easy to listen to and learn from. Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Sincerely, new follower!

Chantal A.

(YouTube comments)

I’m So Excited To Have Discovered You. I’m going to check out your website as well. It’s a little hard to find a knowledgeable resource like you, so I’m thrilled. I have a whack load to learn! Thanks for all this sharing.

Bob S.

(YouTube comments)

I Have Been Searching For Understandable Tutorials On Machine Embroidery and yours is the only one that made sense and did not try to sell me expensive, unnecessary items. Your instructions are to the point and clear. Thank you so much!

Kate M.

(YouTube comments)

Luci's Designs Are Creative And Unlike Any Other Embroidered Dolls. The faces and expressions are quirky and everyone who sees them loves them. Her directions are easy to follow and lead to success and a fabulous experience.

Susan S.

(Facebook comments)

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