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Furry Monster Puppet Tutorial

Make your own adorable furry puppet with my new Beasly Puppet materials kit. OR use your own fur and fleece to make something similar. Lots of tips, tricks, and ideas for any puppet maker are shared in the video tutorial.

Puppet-making can be done by anybody! The Beasly is a hand-and-rod puppet made for beginner to intermediate puppet makers, and there is NO FOAM so it goes together FAST.  You will need to have a good understanding of your sewing machine for this thick fur and fleece, or you can hand-sew the seams if that's more your jam.

The free video is provided in ADDITION to the Photo Instructions.

The video tutorial shows a fleece puppet being made so you can get a better view of the seams and cutting. Fur is a bit harder to work with, so take your time with it. It's worth it!

Video Chapters

  • 00:00 Getting Started

  • 02:18 Pattern Tracing

  • 03:25 Sewing Puppet parts

  • 05:02 Cutting

  • 06:13 Turning your puppet

  • 09:20 Assemble Puppet Pocket Mouth

  • 11:07 Attach the Mouth

  • 12:52 Attach Puppet Eyes

  • 14:54 Eyelids, Nose and Pupils

  • 21:13 Arms

Patterns used in this Project


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