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Boy Girl Puppet Tutorial

Want to make a puppet that looks like a human boy or girl? You're in the right place!

four photos of puppets making different facial expressions

The video tutorial below will show you how to turn fleece and fur into a human-looking boy or girl hand and rod puppet. You can use the tutorial to assemble your puppet kit from Ballyhoo Creations or use your own materials to create your own custom puppet using Ballyhoo sewing patterns or in-the-hoop puppet designs. (see bottom of page for pattern links)

The free video is provided in ADDITION to the Photo Instructions included in your puppet kit.


  • 00:00 Things to Know

  • 02:04 Puppet Pattern Tracing

  • 03:07 Puppet Sewing

  • 04:29 Cutting

  • 05:56 Turning

  • 07:24 Assemble the Mouthplate

  • 09:11 Attach the Mouthplate

  • 11:48 Brain Pillow

  • 13:05 Eyes

  • 14:22 Puppet Pupils & Eyelids

  • 16:11 Puppet Nose

  • 18:15 Puppet Arms

  • 20:53 Puppet Hair Wig

  • 22:58 Finishing

various dolls and puppets made with Ballyhoo Patterns with text that says Doll and puppet video series

If you are unfamiliar with any of the tools or techniques in the video tutorial above, you can learn more in my Free Dollmaker Series of Videos by clicking the photo below.

Need more assistance with your pattern or kit? Click the Forum button where you can quickly create an account and post your question or share a photo.

Yib is my basic puppet pattern for sewing machines and it will easily make the boy or girl shown on this page.

Yab is the in-the-hoop design for embroidery machines and it can also be used with fleece to create a boy or girl like the ones shown below.

boy and girl puppets made with embroidery machine

If you are purchasing materials for a puppet, you can find different colors of fleece in skin-tone colors at your local fabric stores.

Blizzard fleece works great, but you can also use no-pill fleece.

For small amounts of faux fur, check the craft stores on the aisle where they sell felt. They typically have small cuts of faux fur which is enough for a wig. And if you want to save time - some people buy pet wigs on Amazon for their puppet hair!


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