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Memberships are a new feature at Ballyhoo.  You have the chance to get in on the ground floor while the community is still taking shape and be a founding member.  Get MORE designs, a community of like-minded people, and soon we'll be adding online meetups and workshops too!

Choose your Membership plan

  • Crew (free) Membership

    Free membership plan for Customers, and Newsletter Subscribers
    Free Plan
    • Access to the general areas of Forum
    • Access to designs in the FREEBIE library
  • Monthly Stitcher Membership

    Every month
    community for sewists, both dollmakers OR machine embroidery
    • everything in the Free Crew plan PLUS...
    • exclusive members-only designs
    • featured selection from the Ballyhoo design vault each month
    • Access to private forum areas
    • Vote on upcoming Ballyhoo Content
  • Yearly Artist Membership

    for sewists wanting to expand their dollmaking horizons
    Valid for one year
    • everything in previous levels PLUS
    • access to the Ballyhoo vault (all designs and patterns!!)
    • all on-demand video courses

Monthly plan auto-renews each month. Yearly plan will send you an email when it's time to renew next year.

Peek into the Design Vault

  • These are the designs available to different membership levels this month

  • Use the selection buttons below to filter by membership level. 

  • Designs rotate for monthly stitcher members. 

  • Many designs are for members only and not available in the shop.

Filter by member level
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