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Making Wire Armatures to Pose any doll or create stop motion puppets

Updated: Apr 2

How about a video to cover all the tools you need to become an expert at making dolls and puppets? Below the video you'll find links to help you locate all these tools and time savers to making your doll and puppet making easy and fun.

Need Help Finding Tools for wire armatures?

All of the tools I've shared should be easily available no matter where you live. I'll give you some links and places to shop so you can easily find these tools. Some links are affiliates and I will earn a small commission if you purchase. This helps me out and offsets the cost of all the stuff I buy and try out just to share with you what works and what doesn't. But if you just want to see what the tools look like and buy them locally - that's GREAT too!


Where to Find it

Some Uses


see below for the kind of wire I prefer. You can buy it at Micheal's crafts in the polymer clay aisle or follow the link to buy some on Amazon.

You can also use steel wire but it's harder to bend and it's more brittle so it breaks after a few bends.

Thinner wires like pipe cleaners can be used for light duty posing but they are not strong enough to make a cloth doll stand on it's own.

creates a doll "skeleton" so you can pose them in different positions

Wire Tools

You can find needle nose pliers are hardware stores or in the jewelry-making area of craft stores. Some of them have built-in wire cutters or you can buy a pair of wire cutters (also called nippers) as a separate tool. Here's a whole set in pretty colors.

pliers for bending wire, cutters for, well, cutting it.

Electrical Tape

You can always find electrical tape at home improvement store in the electric/wiring aisle. You can also find it at other stores that sell tools, like Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, etc.

covers sharp ends of wires and helps hold armature together.S

Some links on this page may be affiliate links where I will earn a small commission if you purchase after clicking. This does not change the price you pay.

art doll  with wire armature inside

yeti doll with wire armature inside


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