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These are one of my favorite ways to use the art doll designs. They go together fast so you can make a whole bunch of them for the holidays. We like to pose them in mischievous ways all over the house.

Designs & Patterns Used:
  • ITH Elf design from Ballyhoo

  • or any of the art doll body and heads can be made into fur trimmed elves.  

  • One photo is showing several of the add-on heads from the members-only designs used for elf heads.

Materials Used:
  • blizzard fleece for the body (thick fleece hides my sloppy stuffing job)

  • stretch jersey for head and optional ears & hand

  • curly fleece or faux fur for the wig

  • Lion Brand yarn "go for faux" or any fur yarn or thin trim

  • no-show mesh stabilizer for body

  • tiny buttons from Hobby Lobby

  • fiberfill stuffing

  • thick and thin armature wire to make it poseable

Fur-trimmed Elves

Luci Ayyat
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