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10 Quick & Unique Last-Minute Gifts You Can Create with Your Embroidery Machine Today!

Updated: Apr 2

Whip up some last-minute DIY gifts with your embroidery machine. I’ll share 10 ideas that you can make or embellish with machine embroidery and gift the same day. These are gender-neutral gift ideas aimed at teens and adults, but some are good for kids as well.

** Links on this page may be affiliate links where I get paid a small commission if you purchase after following a link. I don't mind making a bit of money this way since I've spent tons of time finding these items so YOU don't have to search so long. **

If you prefer to get your info in video form and see all the websites I visit on the whirlwind gift tour – check out my video below…

1. Embroidered Toilet Paper (and add a Poo timer)

These make excellent gag gifts for white elephant or naughty Santa gift exchanges. Sure, it’s in poor taste – butt that’s the point! You never get too old for bathroom humor.

I’m thinking of adding a Poo Timer from Amazon in the plastic wrapper with my TP this year, for an extra laugh:

2. Microwave Heat Packs

embroidered pillow heating pack

Check out my blog post or YouTube video where I tell you everything you need to know about machine embroidery on microwave fabric items like heat packs, bowl cozies or potato zappers.

3. In-the-Hoop Gift Card Holders

You can find in-the-hoop gift card holders anywhere. But I like the small selection over at Creative Fabrica because I have a paid membership there. That means I can download any design as part of my membership. Check out these ITH gift card holders.

4. In-the-Hoop Coaster or Mug Rug

There are many designs on the market for coasters or mug rugs that you make with your embroidery machine. I showed some embossed designs by Imolova on Creative Fabrica. I made mine from felt but vinyl works too.

If you’ve never tried an In-the-Hoop project before, check out my Skillshare class for beginner Machine Embroidery where you will learn to make these abstract flower coasters with inexpensive felt.

Or make a mug rug which is a larger version of a coaster so there’s room to put a cookie next to your cup. I found this cute latte design by CarlyesInspiration on Etsy and it looks great in a gift basket with a cup and some snacks.

mug rug next to coffee and chocolates

5. In-The-Hoop Key Fobs or Key Chains

You can’t swing a loaf of bread without hitting somebody’s key fobs designed for in-the-hoop stitchouts. Here are two designs that I felt stood out against the crowd: (but there are TONS of cute designs out there)

  1. from Sew Stitchy on Etsy – organize keys by use (car, RV, boat, etc)

  2. Or these puffed monogram key tabs by Artipli on Etsy:

6. Gifts in Jars

Use your embroidery machine to embellish a jar. You can stitch a gift tag in the hoop, create a fabric label for your jar, or create a jar topper that either sits on top of the metal jar lid or wraps over the top. Embroidery Library has a tutorial for jar toppers, along with some cute jar tops and label designs.

And what do you put in those jars??? Pinterest has tons of ideas for gifts in jars. My favorite cookie mix has dried cranberries and white chocolate chips. You can find that jar mix recipe over at and it would look gorgeous all decked out with an embroidered label or tag.

7. Machine Embroidered Towels

Consider all these towel types for your next machine embroidery project:

  1. bath towels

  2. hand towels

  3. kitchen towels

  4. hair wrap towels

  5. beach towels

  6. Turkish towels (easier to embroider, not so fluffy)

  7. washcloths

The photo below shows a hair wrap towel I bought at Dollar Tree and embroidered with this super cute cat design I found on Etsy.

Consider putting your embroidered towels in a gift basket – either a spa/bath theme or a kitchen theme. Or maybe some beach or pool items along with a giant beach towel. Lots of possibilities to add items to your machine embroidered towels.

gift basket with embroidered hair towel

8. Personalize a Cozy Blanket

Big, fuzzy blankets are so soft and cozy to snuggle up in. They look great when personalized with a name. Just be sure to use a font that’s bold enough to show through all that plush blankety goodness.

There are some fonts over at Stitching Bundles on Etsy that I liked for a thick blanket.

9. Plushies

You can find Plushies that are already put together and personalize them with your embroidery machine. Check out Sulky for a large assortment.

Or make your own heirloom Plushie in the hoop of your embroidery machine. It’s easier than you think! Click the photos below to see embroidery designs in my shop. There are MANY designers creating plushies that are sewn on the embroidery machine these days.

10. Canvas Gift Bags and In-the-hoop Gift Tags

It’s easy to make your own fabric gift bags and add your favorite embroidery designs to them. I like to use drop-cloth canvas for a durable, and non-see-through bag. Then put whatever design or motif you like on the front. It’s just a folded rectangle sewn on both sides and you can box the corners or not. Gift bags are quick to make and easy to embroider – especially if you add your design BEFORE you sew the side seams.

You can find tons of in-the-hoop gift tags on Etsy, Creative Fabrica, or other places where embroidery designs are sold. Just search for the occasion (birthday, easter, thanks, etc) and add “in the hoop gift tag” to the end.

Luci holding an embroidered gift bag

THATS IT FOLKS! Those are my 10 ideas for last-minute gifts you can make or embellish with your embroidery machine. Hop over to the video at the top of this blog post if you want to leave a comment.

** Links on this page may be affiliate links where I get paid a small commission if you purchase after following a link. I don't mind making a bit of money this way since I've spent tons of time finding these items so YOU don't have to search so long. **


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