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Instead of adding hair and clothes to one of the small art dolls (made in 5x7 hoop), I made one in simple off-white fabric with no hair and then wrapped her (him?) in strips of gauze to make a Mummy. To be honest, I didn't even close up the back, just wrapped right over it!

This one is wired because I like to pose my characters and hope to animate them with stop-motion in the future. (the armature wire is perfect for stop-motion video.)

Designs & Patterns Used:

ITH Billy doll body (the basic body for ballyhoo art dolls)

Jester head add-on from the members-only exclusives

Materials Used:

white fabric for body and head

white guaze cut into strips to wrap the mummy

fiberfill and armature wire for the inside

Mummy Art Doll

Luci Ayyat
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