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Making the Fleece Puppet Kit

Updated: Apr 2

Are you ready to stitch a quirky fleece puppet with a moving mouth and arms? These hand and rod puppet kits have just about everything you need. Just add glue, scissors, and a sewing machine.

If you purchased your kit to use on your embroidery machine, refer to the instructions included with the machine embroidery design files. Those instructions link to a different video tutorial for embroidery machine puppets. (But you can watch this video too, if you want some more design ideas . (◔◡◔)

You can use the tutorial below to assemble your puppet kit from Ballyhoo Creations or use your own materials to create a custom puppet. The fleece puppet kit is made exactly like the human-ish puppet in the video below with a FEW differences that make your kit even EASIER:

  • Your fleece puppet kit has an oval mouthplate with more room for larger hands. The assembly is the same as the round mouth shown in the video.

  • It also has a larger brain pillow.

  • The arms are stitched to the body with needle and thread rather than plastic joints.

  • The fleece kit has a feather clip for "hair" rather than a faux-fur wig.

The free video is provided in ADDITION to the Photo Instructions included in your puppet kit.


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