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How to Make the Yab Puppet

The Video tutorial for making the Yab hand-and-rod Puppet in-the-hoop of your embroidery machine is below. You can use fleece or fur for these puppets. Check out the "related posts" section at the bottom of this page for ideas on customizing your puppet.

fur and fleece hand and rod puppets made with this pattern and tutorial

NOTE : There are 2 different videos depending on the size of your embroidery machine hoops!

Be sure you watch the video that corresponds to your machine. If you have a 7×12″ hoop or larger, watch the 7×12 video. If you have ANY OTHER SIZE HOOPS smaller than 7×12″ then the 4×4″ video was made for you! Both methods produce the full-sized puppet.

These free videos are provided in ADDITION to the Photo Instructions included in your download.

Both videos have CHAPTERS, so you can easily skip around or rewatch portions to help you create your puppet. (the chapters appear on the video play bar when you hover over it with your mouse)

Patterns used in this project:


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