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Heart Plushie Tutorial

This is the video tutorial for the Heart Plushie made in the hoop of your embroidery machine.

This ITH plushie comes in 2 sizes.

  • The larger guy is made in a 5x7 hoop and has limbs and mittens you can add.

  • The smaller guy is made in a 4x4 hoop and has no limbs or mittens (because some quick bending of 2 chenille stems or pipe cleaners give him the arms and legs to make him super cute.)

Here's the full video tutorial on how to make both sizes. Note the "chapters" in the video for the two different sizes.

Video Chapters for Heart Plushie Tutorial:

  • 00:00 Intro

  • 00:30 4x4 Body

  • 01:31 4x4 Assembly

  • 04:35 5x7 Limbs

  • 06:42 5x7 Body

  • 08:50 5x7 Mittens (in 4x4 hoop)

  • 10:29 5x7 Assembly

  • 12:35 Wrap Up

heart plushies in two sizes

Patterns used in this Project


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