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Five Easy Hand Stitches for Making Quality Dolls, Puppets, and Plushies

Updated: Apr 2

stitching a puppet nose

Need some help with hand stitching the finishing touches on your cloth doll or puppet? Let me show you the FIVE stitches I turn to when making characters out of cloth. The video below has these chapters:

  1. 00:00 Needle & Thread Choices and Prep

  2. 02:42 Running Stitch

  3. 05:51 Tack Stitch

  4. 06:46 Whip Stitch

  5. 08:14 Ladder Stitch

  6. 11:26 Surface Knot

  7. 13:07 TIP: Thread Conditioner

  8. 14:21 Recap

You're welcome to download the free stitch diagrams in the PDF file below. These are the diagrams I include in my patterns as a refresher for hand stitches.

Stitch diagram for instructions docs
Download PDF • 4.61MB

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