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Hand Puppets in-the-hoop

Updated: Apr 3

piggy hand puppet

These simple in-the-hoop hand puppets can be made from any fabric using your embroidery machine. I like them with fleece and quilters cotton prints.  But terry cloth or felt look great too.  What would you do with them?

  • Make a set for a baby shower? 

  • Task the kids to create a puppet show? 

  • Why not make a bath puppet for yourself to serenade in the shower? 

It's none of my business what you make - just have some fun with these new designs. 😁

They are one of the easiest in the hoop projects to make! They are good practice if you're learning applique because the satin border stitches are thick - to cover up your cutting boo-boos.

Hand Puppet in-the-hoop Video Tutorial

They come as a set of four different animal puppets. Here are some samples of in-the-hoop hand puppets made with fleece and printed quilt fabrics, and a piggy made from a pink washcloth.

Tools Used

Materials Needed

Embroidery machine with at least 5x7 hoop

any fabric for front and back

    * small needs 2 pieces of 6x8" fabric

    * large needs 2 pieces of 7x9" fabric

sharp fabric scissors

(optional) small bits of fabric for applique tummy, nose and ears

applique scissors

embroidery thread and stabilizer of your choice


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