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Hand Sew a Simple Sock Gnome

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About this Course

In this class, you'll learn the hand-sewing techniques used by cloth dollmakers while creating your very own sock gnome doll. Tips, tricks, and techniques will be demonstrated for crafting with socks, fur, and doll filler materials. Whether you’ve never stitched anything in your life or you’re experienced with needle & thread, this class will break down the steps for newbies and teach a few tips and tricks for the more experienced sewist as well. You don’t even need a sewing machine. You’ll learn how to work with socks and fur. And I’ll show you the 5 basic stitches you can do by hand that are used for almost every cloth doll and puppet project you’ll ever make. The gnome project is super popular for gift-giving and you can get creative and modify it for any occasion. I’ll show you variations at the end of the class, so hopefully, that will spark your creativity! You’ll need socks, fur, stretchy fabric, plus stuffing materials to make the gnome. You’ll also want to have some sharp scissors for cutting fabric, as well as a long needle and strong thread. We’ll go over how to shop for each of these in the lessons and a printable shopping list is included. I hope you love the class and be sure to post a photo of your gnome in our discussion forum!

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