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Level Up Your Sewing with Fabric Birds

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fabric crows

About this Course

Learn how to create soft-sculpture birds using fabric and a few other materials. These birds look complicated but they're simple to make. I'll show you several tips and techniques that make this project accessible to the average crafter or even a beginner sewist. We will: * learn how to stitch small curvy seams * work with tear-away stabilizer for more accurate stitches * learn to tame stretch fabrics with stabilizers * use soft armature wire to make a poseable bird (optional) * Learn useful hand-stitches you can use on other projects * plus more tips and techniques for sewing and doll-making are in here too! Crows are amazing birds and these fabric crows make excellent home and holiday decor for the fall. Or all year long if that's your style. The skills you learn in this class will enable you to make a black crow like our class project, or make a white dove for a wedding or Christmas, or maybe a few pastel birds for the spring? The lessons in this class will show you how to sew a bird with easy soft-scupture wings and tail on any sewing or embroidery machine. And even though there are curvy lines on this pattern - I'll show you some tips and techniques so you'll be able to accomplish that curvy stitching on your regular sewing machine. Don't worry if you can't sew a straight line - You can still do this and level up your sewing skills while you're at it! I try to make learning fun and edit out most of the boring bits. So if you want to learn to make fabric birds, quilt curvy lines, and make your own wired feathered friends, come on in and join the class. You can post any questions or share your project in our private class discussion forum.

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