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Creating Simple Wire Armatures for Posing Props, Characters, or Stop-Motion Animation

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About this Course

Don't be intimidated by wire armatures, they are simple to make and can bring a cloth or fiber figure to life! You can add wire to dolls, plushies or other props to create posable characters for your home or office. Or make your own custom stop-motion animation to become the next Tik-Tok star. You'll learn what types of materials to choose for your armature - from pipe cleaners to armature wire. How to measure your figure for building an armature will be shown. We'll build a human wire figure from start to finish. And you'll see other non-human figures to spark your creativity and get you thinking about how different figures can come alive. Finally, a few simple tips for making stop-motion animation shorts will be shared to get you started. This class is for beginners! If you want to pose an Elf for the Holidays, or be the next big thing on Instagram Reels #stopmotion - this class will give you the skills to get started. Your class downloads section includes a full materials list so you can easily find supplies. All that's needed is some wire, pliers with wirecutter, and some optional tape.

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